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One of the reasons I’m so intent on holistic well-being is that I have found they have a symbiotic relationship, and each area effects the other. Ex: if you are depressed this can cause physical lethargy, bad social situations can cause a sense of hopelessness which can effect your mental state, physical inactivity leads to drops in “happy” producing chemicals in the brain which can trigger negative thoughts. You see mental, physical, and social states (I find) play off each other. It is best to find a homeostatic balance, otherwise you may find overcompensation in one area, where another might be lacking. Balance (for me at least) plays a key roll in life.

Mental: Don’t feel like you have to think like the majority(and if you don’t, you’re not an acceptable person). There is nothing wrong with being yourself. For years, I was in a social situation where I felt this  way. I felt “not part of” and “weird”. This way of thinking literally almost killed me. Yes, there are certain parameters that we should follow, but don’t feel awkward if you don’t conform to certain standards.

Physical: Like I said, this can effect your mental state. You don’t have to work out excessively! Even small tasks add up.A few tips on exercise and the mental/physical connection. Exercise make ME feel better,gives me more energy mentally and physically; it effects my life for the better, in all areas.

Social: I will refer to mental. Don’t give others in society the power to make you feel less than. Do not give into the hype that you have to look perfect or purchase the latest trendy items. Often, people admire people who choose their own path. There is NOTHING wrong with being different.



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