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A question was posed to me. What exactly did I mean by external “things”? I believe it is the great illusion of  bigger and more is better. A nicer car,house,more charisma, fancier “toys”, being more attractive. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with aspiring for these things. The problem arises when you use them to determine self-worth. These things will come and go(the physical) but what remains constant is your internal self. It strikes me that you will receive more for having a good spirit than the fact that you had a nice IPod for a few years.

Mental: Take pride in small accomplishments you make. This is NOT the same as having a huge ego. Reflect on and thank others that gave you advice and helped you reach your goals.

Physical: A word of advice… strengthen your core.This isn’t a big fitness thing you have to do,but it will help some with some problems like just being more stable during everyday stuff. I know it has helped me ALOT with mobility. Maybe it can help you!Core explanation/exercises

Social: Give thanks to those friends/family/peers who have helped you along your journey. Not necessarily verbally and openly, but appreciate others. And if you feel someone has truly made a difference, let them know. It will probably make them feel very good. And you will feel good, too. It’s a win-win. BUT be sincere and don’t do anything for the simple reason it will puff your ego up. Do not go into this realm expected much more than a thank you. Sometimes you will get more, but DON’T be upset if you don’t get much back.

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