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Hope, pain, and worth

It’s incredibly easy for many people to allow negativity and judgement to destroy them. Devalue their mere existence and right to actually live in this world.

IE: your body is not enough; your mind and soul is not enough. It’s not enough.

Some people find the need to extricate themselves from the perceived merry go round of life for so many reasons. From experience: trust that the pain of giving up on yourself cannot touch physical pain.

Hope can prevail, however. I always whined. Always cried. Thought myself unsalvageable: damaged and hopeless But I wasn’t. At no point in my life.

We all deal with issues. Many are incredibly serious.

Allowing anger and resentment into your heart can harden it. Sometimes, however, when one is told to keep going they do. Even when they do know why.

And perhaps they will never know.

They can get to the point where they think they truly are enough. Who they are is wonderful. Not compared to another human being. Only for themselves. That hope and courage is the true acknowledgement of knowing they need to feel that they are worth everything.

That fear of the unknown, judgement and hate are corrosive and that with each occasion these are dispelled: the more incredible life becomes.

Life happens.   Some lessons are painful while others are beautiful. With each one we can embrace our growth and who we are.  And every person along the way has a purpose. I truly believe it is to love one another whole again.

Perhaps one of the greatest oxymorons in life is how sometimes the more worthless and hopeless one believes themselves: the  greater hope they can feel  and the more worthy they feel. And perhaps that is what it’s about: loving the world. And loving yourself, as well.

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