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The Story Behind the Infinity Rings

On occasion: some believe that the lives of others are not congruent to perceived “normal standards “ . Thus. those in question ought be penalized. Socially. Ethically. Morally. Financially. Because of differences. XYZ. Is not members of the human race?

Love is internal. Infinite. And I don’t mean solely romantic.

I have hope!

Hope has rung throughout history and will for eternity!

I am elated as the clock inches towards quitting time. The man I love for his kind soul walks through the door after work and gives me a huge smile.

we have each other. We all do. Everyone on the planet has one another.

We hold each and whisper the word INFINITY to each other. Because it is unspoken that it means :I love you without end.

So to the world: “INFINITY”

And there is one word that has more power than any other word in the lexicon.

If one chooses to believe.

That word is: HOPE

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