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From the gym

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I am at the gym on the computer. Today is mom’s b-day! A shout out to mothers; they have an incredibly tiring, much overlooked job. My mom tried her damndest; I had many rough spots, but overall, she did a pretty good job! These older men at my gym are HILARIOUS. They are so good to me. I love it here. Law of attraction: what is released into the world by you is what you will receive. If I did not exhibit positivity, I wouldn’t find it so friendly here. That includes everywhere I go. When I gave off negative energy, my life sucked. Not surprising!

Mental: Like I said, when you exude positivity, it tends to come back to you. I don’t mean financially, but a sense of love, peace, and tranquility; if exhibited by you, will more than likely be returned to you. Chaotic behavior and thoughts, negativity, etc. often finds you surrounded by more of the same. It helps to be aware of yourself and stopping yourself from letting these words and behaviors escape. Just practice, no one’s perfect! But something’s better than nothing.

Physical: Easy does it. Slow and steady wins the race. Etc. If you try to go from 1-100 immediately, it may very well cause MUCH more harm than good. If you overdo it, and garner an injury, you will be back at 1…but for even longer. Push yourself…but know your limits and if something is painful or feels like you may hurt yourself; best not to do it.

Social:Find something POSITIVE you enjoy and dig in! Sometimes people just have an insatiable need to be “into” something. I challenge you to explore different opportunities, see what’s out there. You may find you had pre-judged something you might actually love!

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