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Pondering blood pressure

Let me first say that I am not an advocate of or encourage self-experimentation. I discovered this in retrospect. My blood pressure has steadily been decreasing for the last week and I couldn’t figure out why. I haven’t been eating differently, no changes in medicine or amount of exercise. I was stumped. I had a few incidents happen last week that would normally raise blood pressure; mine decreased. This morning it dawned on me; for the past week, I have been laughing things off and taking things more in stride,meditating in moments of stress and saying prayers wishing peace and love several times a day. The mind-body connection strikes again! I didn’t look for this to happen, it just did. I guess these mental activities decreased my cortisol levels. I think hanging out doing God knows what at seedy clubs until 4 in the morning more than likely increased them. Just a hunch!

Mental:Act as if, if need be, Sometimes things feel awkward or down right RIDICULOUS! Quite often you don’t get instant results for positive steps, but keep going, just hang in there. Something might happen! Quick fixes are just that, long term results need hard work and dedication.

Physical:Something is better than nothing; try not to get discouraged if you don’t do something perfectly.To err is human,as they say. For example, I am having a bad day physically, but compared to what I used to be, it’s great 🙂 I am making errors, but my something is better than not trying. One step forward, one back..two steps, forward, one back. As long as you’re moving forward, no matter how slow…well,you are moving forward!

Social: Try not to give into drama,as tempting as it is. The world is FILLED with it, but it is funny how much easier life is without a bunch of BS. I have DEFINITELY fell victim to…and produced!! my own share. Drama is…bad! And that’s me on a soap-box.

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  1. Very inspiring, Arlyn!

  2. Arlyn , I find a tremendous amount of commonality with you in your message . I too am having a bad day . For me mentally . I am not med compliant and find myself in (as they say ) “The primordial ooze” . Fighting depression is an on going struggle for me and your blog is the only difference for me in the difference in going to extremes and making the next right choice . Tell your mom happy birthday for me and give your cute cat an extra helping of cat nip. Your always close to me in my heart and in my spirt .Hugs to you my precious one. J

  3. Like I said,we ALL have our fights, they’re just different, but fights implies there’s a victor. Fight like a bat out of hell! Reach out, get outside of yourself. It helps ME, at least, when I’m in a funk! 🙂

  4. PSS an aside,meds are nothing to screw around with,your doctor went to school and has insight us regular folks don’t. If you have a legitimate reason to take something, you probably should. Think of it like someone with diabetes not taking insulin.

  5. Thank you I will do the best I can . We all fight demons . There is a song that I listen to a lot when I get to a low point and the lyrics resonate with me. it goes ” Any Major Dude , with half a heart will surely tell you my friend. Any amount of world that falls apart will truly come together again .When the demon is at your door in the morning it wont be there no more any major dude call tell”

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