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I had an experience this morning… sheesh; I need to take my own advice! It’s definitely good to push through pain, but not at risk of damage. That being said,the importance of taking care of basic needs can be vitally important. If you let illness continue, you may effect your physicality. Not taking care mentally and otherwise has the probability of doing such to your overall well-being. Be good to yourself; you are the only you there is. Treat your whole being with loving kindness; take time to nourish your body and soul. Often, we run on fumes; sick,physically lame,lack of sleep,etc. This is not to be confused with an excuse to not try! But sometimes you have to give yourself a break.

Mental: Try not to let yourself get too stressed; conversely, don’t be “understressed”. This is MY experience. Letting myself get stressed leads to mental breakdown. Leaving myself with nothing to do allows my wheels to spin, I overthink things, come up with bad ideas,act impulsively,etc. NOTHING good! When I’m stressed, I often overlook the fact until it is too late;I tend to either explode or implode (symantics). Key for me is balance; finding the “sweet spot”, if you will.

Physical: Taking care of yourself physically is crucial; your body influences most everything about you. This is not to say that if you have physical issues, you are not alright! But you can be as healthy as possible with said ailments. I will use an example of an individual who has full body paralysis; by some standards, he is not physically well.But what if he takes care of himself; nutritionally, blood levels (cholesterol,blood pressure, panels, etc.) are very good and happy with life. Or you have another individual, fully functioning in society, who can use their extremities, but is very unhealthy and unhappy. Judged by the naked eye, one fares better than the other, but preconceived notions can be deceptive. No matter what state you’re in, make the effort to stay as healthy as you can.

Social: Realize,that no matter your lot in life, you are part of society; your actions influence others (good AND bad). It’s a matter of choice as to which road you take;high or low.The role you play in this world is up to you.


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