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Stay positive

One thing I’ve come to take to heart over the last few days ( I already believed, but REALLY experienced it) is the fact that one’s attitude can largely influence one’s situation. What should be valued (in my OPINION) in many circumstances is quality over quantity; and if there’s both :SCORE! I have heard it said  (and I love this!) that on our tombstones, we all have a birth and death date. What is important, however, is the dash in between. It is not so important that you simply exist, but live life to the fullest and have a positive impact on the world. Realize you play a part in the world, little things you do throughout the day influence the world. That is not to say you have the power to control others’ attitudes and situations, but you have the ability to make your surroundings that much happier!

Mental:When all the chips are down and you feel like throwing in the towel, it helps to think of a positive memory; a situation where you were truly happy. For some people, this may entail recalling something in their childhood. But just realize; that state of mind is within you,despite the fact that it might have been covered throughout the years.

Physical:Listen to your body.Like I have said,it’s important to push yourself, but not at the risk of damage. Pay attention and be in tune with your physical self,you have one corporal existence; best to treat it well.

Social: Let people take care of you; when NEED help; not just when you want it. We might not always get what we want,but (usually) we get what we need. However, I have found it’s important to display that you understand the difference. There is NOTHING wrong with asking for help when needed,but if you are too needy, your motives may be in question.

3 responses to “Stay positive”

  1. All three topics are important for positive thinking,, Very interesting,,,,,,, Always positive than only you always happier

  2. They all work in tandem, and are synergistic. Each effects the other,like a three legged stool. Take one away and it will tip over!

  3. yes, Negative attitude throw you in bad position and positive attitude makes you in perfect position.
    Balancing like three legs of stool, very nice example

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