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So I look and feel horrible, I have a sore throat and congestion; I do not have the brainpower to write much. I did, however,feel obligated (to women particularly) to show how I look this morning; sick,disheveled,no make-up. On social media in particular,people pick and choose images of them at their best. This causes their peers to feel a false sense of inadequacy at not living up to certain standards. People feel like others always look perfect and are always having fun; realize this is only what most people let you see, you rarely see imperfections.

This is me just now! on left and better on right. Both me. Sometimes people don’t look their best. It’s ok!

me badme

5 responses to “Appearances”

  1. Funny photo, Reality never changed by a image

  2. Your still stunning inside and out regardless . Take care of yourself everyone is coming down with something this time of year .

  3. This teaches us not to judge from appearances. Appearances often deceive. If one were to go by the first pic one would dismiss you as not worth writing home about; but the second pic shows a real queen. Again we must learn to love our dear ones on the days they look less beautiful just as on the day they look cute.

  4. Absolutely! I have people treat me very differently when I am sick,use my cane,have no makeup on,etc. But i am the exact same person as when physically “better”. It’s a shame people are so quick to judge based on physicality

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