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 Sorry all..have been doing work all morning. I’m learning a lot. Call me a dork…I love to learn about everything I can! And yes,I do love to read 🙂 Thanks for remembering! My head is swimming with bits and pieces of new terms. I think I need to bring out my thinking cap and study habits!

Mental: Regression is no excuse to give up. Don’t beat yourself up when you don’t do your best. Just learn from whatever you did and try to do better next time. I know I stayed stuck in this cycle for a very long time. It can cause one to stay stuck on a “woe is me” and “doomed” setting. Do NOT give up if you falter. Get on the horse and keep going!

Physical: This is mental and physical. Let your mind push you. Stay positive, instead of saying “this is too hard,I don’t want to even try” try saying to yourself “this is a CHALLENGE. It’ll be hard and scary, but I know I’ll feel GREAT and ACCOMPLISHED when it’s over.”

Social: Try not to get dragged into futile things. The world is yin and yang. Positive and negative. It is so EASY to get sucked into negativity without even realizing it. I am constantly having to pull myself back. Do not think something’s wrong with you if you find yourself in a negative situation. I try to just think of how bad it feels and of how I got there and try my hardest not to “go there” again.

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