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School is great so far. Doing well. Thank you for putting me in sports when I was younger mom and dad. And to all of my nutritionists and my coaches and trainers, it has given me a good foundation and edge.

I had a little mishap yesterday and freaked out. But I spoke with someone who basically made me realize that I needed to calm down. I had to shake my head and laugh afterward, because in the grand scheme of things,it was not a big deal! I just did what other people told me to do and get right back up and brush it off.

Mental: Black and white thinking is bad. I had it and still have to fight it. I used to think if I did something “bad” I should just go all the way because I messed up anyway. There’s plenty of grey area. Just because you have a slip at something does not mean  you should just give up.  Just try,try again. No one is perfect. What shows toughness is that you fight and try harder the next time and take other people’s suggestions. Sometimes it’s an ego blow to think that you need others’ support. But let others show you the grey area. Things are much easier.

Physical: One questioned posed in my class was “what’s one of the biggest mistakes people make?” regarding exercise. I said I think it’s taking on too much or thinking you have to be 100 % out of the gate. Then people get frustrated and discouraged and give up if they can’t “do it”. Sometimes you have to start at ground zero. If you do too much, you will get upset and/or hurt yourself. If you find yourself not performing how you “think” you should, do not give up, just try again!

Social: It helps me not to put all my eggs in one basket. I have a bit of an obsessive personality, so sometimes it’s hard! I have found that if I focus too much on one thing, I miss out on other things. I have reconnected with many people and had many wonderful experiences lately. None of this would have happened if  I hadn’t put myself out there and been stuck on one area of life.

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