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From gym

I’m writing this from my gym, because they have a cool-ass computer! I start school today to get my CPT 🙂 I’m so excited! Guess what, one of the trainers here was my friend and co-worker 15 years ago and I looked so different, and him too, we didn’t even know each other.

Mental: Accept love and kindness. As we speak, I am having a side conversation with a nice older gentleman having coffee while waiting….

sorry that was at 1:00, short break!

…for his wife to finish in the pool. It was nice to just be in the presence of kindness, and be open to it. I don’t know that a few years ago I would have even made contact with him. And I would have missed out.

Physical: Something that helps me alot is spilling my guts about this. How can I recommend pushing yourself and then not do it? I was feeling tired at the gym and like cutting things short, but I thought “Put your money where your mouth is,chica!” I can’t talk a big game and not do it myself. Don’t cheat yourself. Just because no one is watching at the time, doesn’t mean someone won’t notice results at some point. You just do it in the moment for the results you will achieve! 

Social: Maybe this goes back to the mental,but I am encouraged by seeing others’ tenacity and love and strength. If I remain stubborn, stuck in my ways, and not open socially, I will miss out on the people and world around me.

Hi Steve!!!!!!!!!! I’m BAAAAAAAAAAACK!

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