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So I will discuss a taboo subject: mental illness. Honestly, I don’t understand why it has such a stigma! It says ILLNESS right there in the name. I do not think that one should be ashamed if the have diabetes, per say; so why should it be different with mental illness? One’s brain is  simply chemically unlike the status quo; unfortunately actions taken when such an illness is active effect many people and areas of life: I will not delve into some areas as they would take a great deal of time to discuss! I will say, however, that LIVING is not IMPOSSIBLE. I have the great privilege of knowing several people with SEVERE mental illness who barely existed in this life and were thought poorly of; currently they are productive members of society,truly living life (not just existing) and examples to look to as those who have defied odds. I am sure they, as well as I, will tell you it is not easy. In such cases, such progress means very hard work;  the end result is well worth the struggle. Such an illness is never eliminated, however! One must constantly remain vigilant regarding one’s homeostatic state. Yes, there are things that may help reduce such illnesses, but if one TRULY feels they have a mental illness, be honest with yourself. Be kind to yourself; you may be sick, not bad.

p.s.  NOT an excuse yourself for being an ass and not caring!

Mental: Fear not differences of the mind, for they truly give the life dimension. If everyone were the same mentally, how dull the world would be. If no one dared to be different;no progress would be made, everything would be the same. Differences can unite us, we so often ridicule them and let them divide us. If we judge other’s, it says something of OUR character.

Physical: Exercise increases both serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain.In laymen’s terms, many antidepressants aim at altering serotonin levels; exercise surely helps this. Obviously, it often requires MUCH more than exercise if serious,but it can’t hurt. Studies show that just 5 minutes of moderate exercise enhances one’s mood.

Social- Often we are quick to judge; even I am guilty. However, when we judge, isn’t such truly telling of ourselves? Doubtful we would appreciate the same condemnation we place on others. If someone is so polar opposite of us… aren’t we different than them, too? If someone has a mental or physical disability… does it make us feel good to chastise them for something they have no control over? If someone is older and has cognitive or physical impairments;do we think that it is ok to laugh; because when you and your friends age you will be immune to the aging process? Be kind, be loving, for no one is perfect.

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