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What I grew up thinking

I heard, constantly, the phrase “Life sucks”… and then you commit suicide because it’s so bad. Undoing this notion is a constant work in progress,considering the large sway it held. I have my moments of getting caught up in the woes of the world, I am human; I have emotions. However, viewing the world itself as negative is not something I subscribe to at all; it makes one bitter and hateful, always seeing the bad things around them. Maybe it’s selfish, but I like doing well and sharing my happiness with others because it makes me feel good, and hopefully it influences people. I do not have the key to life, I have my struggles;but giving up or being hateful is just not on my dance card these days!

Mental: I hear “That which does not kill you makes you stronger.” Sometimes things are seemingly impossible to surmount, though. But you can get through them! If you are reading this, you are alive; you have survived all your trials and are still standing. Best not to stop now; what would that accomplish?? Sometimes life gets you down; sometimes you have to say “I WILL FIGHT”  (for GOOD things) to it and keep on pushing through.

Physical: Physical ailments can have a significant impact on the mind. You never know how someone else is feeling to themselves. Someone elses struggles might be taken in stride by me or conversely, unfathomable.We are all in different places in life and have issues specific to us. Sometimes the best we can do is show encouragement, care, and ultimate love to others. It is horrible when people struggle physically,but as I cannot change their bodies, showing compassion is possible, at least.

Social: Love people until they love themselves; is a good theory, but harder to practice. This can have significant impact, though; if people did not practice this on me, I would not be writing this. Allow people to love you; sometimes it gets annoying, but it can change you. Not love you for your physical attributes, but love you for you (because you are JUST as deserving as anyone else).

love is everywhere

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