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Here and Now

You are you, here and now, take it or leave it (YOU take it!) If other people fail to”take it” , that is ok; not everyone is alike (and that is alright!). People are people, all fallible, but we do have commonalities that unite us; the most glaring of which is that we are all human beings. Ethnicity, gender, religious beliefs, political vantage points, etc. aside; we are all fellows on this planet. This may sound hopelessly optimistic, and a flawed viewpoint; think back to when you were young. You probably didn’t have prejudices and convictions until they were taught to you be some social influence. We were all blank slates once; it is easy to forget, yet rememberence serves one well.

Mental: You are enough;  whatever you’ve been told or taught. You might not be what society (or you or your social circles) expected, but you are where you are in this world. Don’t let your own or others’ expectations of or disappointments in, take that away from you. I have seen people’s fear of others’ ideals and judgements keep them frozen with terror, and ultimately almost destroying them because they feel as though they will never be “good” enough for other people. Disregard what others think; be you for you, not others.

Physical: Keep moving; maybe not literally! It is hard to do this , quite often; but finding ourselves stuck in an unproductive rut can lead to feelings of uselessness and futility. Best to attempt to do SOMETHING, even getting out of bed is SOMETHING! Something is  better than nothing (so I hear),sometimes you have to just put one foot in front of the other and soldier on… even when it’s difficult. Whether working out, in sports, LIVING, business, volunteering, anything!! just DO it.

Social: It is good to have friends, not yes men or social buddies or an entourage, but real FRIENDS. People who love you for you; not your social status, your money, clothes, car, hair, yadda. Real people who could care less about these things; focusing on such hinders the person in question from seeing the true qualities and attributes an individual may possess. Judge not.

be the best you

4 responses to “Here and Now”

  1. ****** Six stars! Definitely among your best blogs ever, Arlyn. How wonderful to read your writing, which sounds just like you! Please keep up your wise words for all of us. Thank you many a Starry, Starry Night!

    Oh but one thing I must ask: whatever can you write for tomorrow if the election results at all resemble what I’m hearing tonight at about 4pm?

    Peace, etc., Bruce

  2. Hello Arlyn! I love the post. Let me start with ‘Best the best version of yiu.’ It can’t be better said. In short the post has powerful ideas which we all need to pay attention to. It reflects the great mind that you are.
    Let us keep inspiring the world. You never can know how far your words go. You promised last time you were going to get into my blog Arlyn. Did you find time to do so. How did you find it? I must say my growth is beyond my wildest expectations. And there are a number of posts I like you to do everything to look at: ‘You are wonderfully talented,’ and ‘Fly on the wings of our talent.’ Have you seen the letter by my best friend? I beg for a bit of love. You give that by spending some time at my home, listening to me and talking to me. Thanks for opening your doors to me. Bye for now.

  3. Thank you! I will read now 🙂 Has been a trying week, but i have to keep going! What choice is there? Becoming a bitter pessimist? No, not going to happen. The world is full of love; I was taught the complete opposite. I have had many struggles for which I could easily throw in the towel, but life is what you make it and I am making mine the best possible and hopefully sharing positivity with others!

  4. You are sharing positivity very well Arlyn. When we go uphill before we find level ground we appreciate the level ground better. Bravo! Braving struggles and standing strong is something to write home about. Let me assure you that the way you look at life (from your blog) the best is not far off.

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