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Experiences and illness

I am a composite; of experiences, influences, personal relationships, things I’ve read and seen, people’s influences, etc. For good OR bad. It therefore makes sense to me, that I would do my utmost to make my impact on the world a positive one. I have issues that keep me from doing everything I would like to do,but it feels good to the the best I can with what I have been dealt. I have said this before (let me emphasize!); I am not special. I am not unique. Everyone in the world has good and bad in them; it is simply a matter of clinging onto and nurturing the “good” part of you, bringing it to the forefront: LIVING IT!

Mental: Realize that you are in a constant state of change; don’t feel as though you have to cling to old idea because they have defined you or you are used to them. I am not the same person I was yesterday, and that is ok. Each person is constantly changing…evolving. Especially if your mental state is one of pessimism; it is often hard to change…just practice literally doing things to change it. Usually our actions effect our mental state,try doing the right thing simply because you would want it done for  you and it feels good, not because (sigh) you HAVE to.  It helps me to put situations in perspective; is it REALLY that difficult?

Physical: I touched on this the other day; it seems like in my area, there is a rampant cold. Colds and flus, etc. can especially effect those with compromised immune systems (i.e. those prone to illness, already ill, the physically disabled, elderly,etc.)… they are no fun for ANYONE, period. And those who spend time outdoors as well as athletes (let’s not forget them!). I HATE being sick; I don’t think many people like it. I will keep you all abreast the more I figure out, but for  now (like I said) lots of vitamin C, echinacea, and LOTS of water with lemon (to detoxify) seems to keep my immune system healthy (and washing my hands with ANTIBACTERIAL soap.  Goldenseal (it is not only used for drug tests…) is a good herb to use when your sick; it helps get junk out of your body.

Goldenseal caution : Goldenseal has an affinity for mucosa, and is cooling so should not be used if an infection is at an early stage or there are more chills than fever.Goldenseal should be used with caution only while sick with illnesses that respond to hydrastine and berberine. It should generally not be taken for an early stage Upper Respiratory Infection (URI), but reserved for illnesses in which there is yellow or green phlegm.Generally a two-week maximum dosage is suggested.Taking goldenseal over a long period of time can reduce absorption of B vitamins. (Wikepedia)

Echinacea and goldenseal for colds. I AM NOT A DOCTOR! I know alot about herbs and vitamins, but please check with someone in the medical field.

Social: If you DO get sick (and I  am telling MYSELF,too!), it is a good idea to avoid public places, if possible. It is hard,especially if you are very social and/or easily get cabin fever. But just think,  YOU are probably sick because someone else publicly spread something; try your best not to perpetuate the cycle. And think of the fact that even something that minorly effects you can SERIOUSLY effect certain people.

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