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Positive or negative?

This morning was rocky (physically), I had trouble walking; for a brief instant I was upset. Then I mentally told myself, “This will pass, this will not stop  me, I am going to have a good day Damn It!” I have many friends who are struggling with some major life issues; the fact that I have trouble walking for a few hours does not even begin to compare! I think about my friends all the time, send them love (sometimes I slack on calling, etc. 🙁  ); whether or not they believe in their abilities- I DO!!! If you are my good friend or I barely know you…you have good in you! Choose to use it….you have the ability, live positive and your mind will follow!

Mental: Sometimes bad things happen but you can go down with the ship or stay afloat. Life isn’t perfect (at least I have DEFINITELY found that true!), but you can at least do the best you can with what you’re working with. We all have bad moments, days, weeks, years, etc, but your perspective can dramatically change even the worst of times. Often, we can make a huge “to do” out of something that is actually very trivial. If it actually IS a big deal, TELL yourself: you will get through this, overcome your obstacle.

Physical : Continuation of mental; if the obstacle is physical, sometimes it’s not so easy. But if you stay positive, you will naturally do and feel the best about your situation, whether you’re confined to a wheelchair or have a twisted ankle,etc. Don’t give up if you’re not doing well in daily physical life or not playing up to par in athletics; you are perfectly entitled to an “off” time. Just keep trying and don’t throw in the towel in frustration; giving up will condemn you to failure and can make you feel upset with yourself.

Social: Like the saying says: “No man is an island”, though that’s not exactly what most of us learn. I was taught that independence, self-sufficiency, self-discipline,etc. were paramount. Those are admirable… but those ideal also made me feel horribly alone,isolated. Ironically, admitting I could not, actually, exist independent of the world has made me a much stronger person. I had to quit being so damn stubborn and actually listen to people. Whether it is in the mental or physical realms, let people guide you and help you! You do not learn lessons through osmosis!

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  1. Arlyn, how do you keep out-doing your blogs? Oh, I should KNOW by now! By out-doing your self — day after day, with human slips and slides — what you are sharing with all of us! Thank you. I’ve even learned that I help myself most and best by trying to be the best and kindest that I can to, with, and for other people, animals, our earth. I don’t mean that as bragging about myself: it’s what each one of us can do: nobody is perfect, of course, but each one of us can try to do as well as we can manage. I know that you have helped, and daily do, many of us as you courageously share what and how goes it with you, now and during times before.

    Thank you from all of us. Strength, Courage, Serenity to you, and to all!

    Peace, etc., Bruce Combs

  2. Thanks 🙂 I just pass on what I have learned; what has helped me be ME and gives me strength. I am nothing more than a composite of my experiences and influences. I am not superwoman; no better or worse than the next person. Feeling bad,just…well feels bad! Maybe it’s selfish,but I don’t LIKE it. Not a good frame of mind!

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