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Just alright?

I was at the gym this morning doing balancing exercises (I had a stroke and recently stopped using my cane, I have neurology and balance issues); I am supposed to do them for 30-60 seconds. I reached 60, stopped and thought, “Do I want to be alright or do I want to be great?”; so I did another 60. It is the same for everything in our lives :mental, physical, social; doing the minimum or average is fine… if you want minimum or average results. It is tough to go beyond the basic (no one said it is easy) but, if done, you will get better results than otherwise. Try to push beyond, just ask yourself “Do I want to be average or AWESOME!?”

Mental: If you are having problems in this area, if you are gloom and doom or using negative self talk…TALK TO SOMEONE!!! Do not stuff it down and carry that burden alone. As it relates to pushing yourself; if you see the glass as half empty, and tell yourself you cannot do something, you won’t try.  Other people can carry you, push you, in the right direction.

Physical: Don’t stop at the minimum; push yourself. You do not improve by half assing  it or staying in the same place. Think of your goal; now think of how fantastic it would be to exceed it. Do  not put limitations on your physicality; I know if I did I would be very far behind. YOU make your physical situation up to you; do the best you can with what you have. People have issues that might impede them; even non-disabled individuals (injuries, health problems, etc.), but even this (with medical guidance) cannot stop you from doing your best possible.

Social: Use society to lift you up, not drag you down. Yes, there are things wrong with the world; it’s impossible to view the news without hearing of the woes of the world; you rarely hear good news. The world likes to pull on your fiery side and get you riled up, but (believe me) there is good in the world, often you have to seek it out. There is a good program on CNN, called Heroes; it airs at Thanksgiving, but if you don’t have cable, you can probably get it online or see snippets at YouTube; and I will give a link to the website. Even if you don’t agree with CNN as a news station, this program allows you to see truly inspirational  people, from all walks of life, appreciated for their contributions to society.CNN Heroes

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6 responses to “Just alright?”

  1. Arlen, have you ever done anything halfassed?

  2. Spell check doesn’t like Arlyn!

  3. Um nope!not gonna start now either. And if I can do it,anyone can. You just have to BELIEVE you can and that your story is written by you and you alone

  4. excellent well put

  5. You are our precious lotus, opening more daily, revealing the jewel within you, sharing the love as you find it. Thx Arlyn, love you!

  6. Arlyn,
    You inspire me beyond words, your action and how you conduct yourself as a member of the human race restores my faith in it. Thank you for being You ( As you said ,”no one Speachel”)l but the unique person and Friend you are to me because that is how I choose to view you in my world…

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