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Words and actions

In talking with people over the last few days, I reminded myself  how important it is that my words and deeds are in correlation. It would not be right of me to say one thing and do another; I did that for a very long time (probably at the annoyance of people!). The result was that I felt that much worse about myself; I already treated and thought of myself horribly and now, on top of that, I was a doubletalker. I told a friend last night, if you the happy= perfect, you  would be gravely mistaken. Actions taken to be happy are a choice even in horrible circumstances. Life is not perfect, but you can choose to make it positive.

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Mental:Oct 5-11th is Mental Illness Awareness week; for those who care to know that. Mental illness is surrounded by quite a bit of stigma; it is often thought you are “crazy” if you have mental illness. But even basic depression, PTSD, anxiety disorder, eating disorders, etc. are forms of this. Information on stigma

Physical: Water, and lots of it! You are probably thinking “YES! Everyone tells me that”. I hate water; it’s boring to me. Some people like it; me not so much. I  was ill this weekend, and the first day, I drank less water; by the second I  was VERY sick and could barely walk. Someone suggested that I may be dehydrated. Water with lemon adds some flavor, detoxifies, and gives you vitamin C. Score!Benefits of lemon water

Social: Be kind to yourself and others;realize we all have bad days and people aren’t perfect. Do not beat yourself up if you are not “on your A game”; at the same time allow for the fact that others may falter, as   well. Do not expect everything to be 100% always; you will set yourself up for disappointment. It helps to go into situations without expectations; if the outcome is good, great! If not, if you didn’t expect anything is the first place, you won’t be disappointed!

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  1. I needed the Physical guidance Arlyn, I’m too careless! Thank you for reminding me once again 🙂

  2. No problem:-) Things I KNOW , but have to DO !

  3. Same here! Let’s do it 😉

  4. ============================================ I DECLARE WORLD PEACE! ============================================

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