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Bit by bit

Often times, people throw in the towel early on in certain processes; they feel as though progress is not being seen fast enough. Usually progress takes time, two steps ahead and one step back equates to having moved forward a step.Just because you do not do something perfectly does not mean that you are not moving ahead. Society has us wired for “quick-fixes”; easy solutions. But, at least for me, I have to put these solutions to consistent use. I have tried many tools (one-time) throughout my life; the one’s that have been most effective are the things I work on constantly. Progress is not always timely, but it has been said it is the journey, not the destination.

Mental: We are our own harshest critics;do not rush to put yourself down. Instead of saying, I AM STUPID, try changing your thoughts. Maybe to something like THAT wasn’t very smart, but not that YOU (yourself are stupid). Changing how one talks to themselves can influence one’s perception of themselves.

Physical:Suit physical activities to your limitations, not vice versa. It’s not wise to perform an activity whose probability of injury is significant; that being said: do not be afraid to expand your horizons and try new things. Often, people pigeonhole themselves and don’t test the waters because they fear they are incapable of certain things. Sometimes you’ve got to reach outside the box into alien territory; it might be uncomfortable at first, but you may surprise yourself.

Social: Sometimes you have to act “as if” in situations; not to say don’t be true to yourself. But if a situation is, say largely negative, try not to add fuel to the fire by adding to the negativity. Just like happiness is a choice, your decision to become emotionally involved in a given situation is  a choice (often times extremely difficult). But we have the power to choose how we act in said situations. That is up to us.


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