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Today’s a twofer: I had no wi-fi friday,plus I was busy.So the first entry is from Friday…

I am surrounded by a bevy of friends;it is wonderful. Both well and not so well known, but all special in their own right. From as far as New York and Texas, they have come together as one. It is incredible; the love and “oneness” we share here.Younger or older, male or female, different religious and political beliefs, hetero or homosexual…and etc. We unite as human beings, differences cast aside,coming together as one. I cannot write much,but I am having a blast!

Mental: Emotions of the feely variety do not make you wimpy. I have had instance to suppress my “weaker” emotions and only show “strong” emotions (primarily hate and anger);this caused me to act inappropriately, as I became a randomly combustible fire keg of emotion. Stuffing one’s feelings and emotions is  completely emotionally problematic, or it has been for me at least. Like I said,it can make someone feel anxious and “icky”, on edge, and to exhibit impulsive behavior.

Physical: Do not let old habits slowly creep in. I know if I give into them; little by little…well it is a slippery slope.Once the door is open, you might find you have opened a floodgate.  And if you slack in physical ways, this can gradually effect your mentality; subtly, perhaps, but it can, nonetheless. It is important to stay on top of yourself and not “let yourself go”.

Social: Enjoy enjoyable surroundings. This is complete irony coming from a girl isolating on a computer and not doing that. Geez! I should take my own advice and get back out there! HAHA. Talk to you guys tomorrow!

So, I am back from my travails; AWESOME times! I am in a rush, so this will be short.

Mental AND physical : This is not because of time constraints (I thought of this idea already). Between my mental  and my physical experiences, I have learned both are similar in that training each makes them “better”. A friend used this example : If I went to the gym and sat in the lobby, I’d be in a fit environment, but if I’m not working out, I’ll stay the same. If I go to said gym,sit in the lobby and read books on fitness, I’ll have more knowledge on the subject…but if I’m not doing the work itself, my body still won’t change. This same concept can be applied to the mind. Believe me, I am a HUGE fan of knowledge,but whatever the realm, if this knowledge is not put into action… well it does little good.

Social: Often times it is helpful to step out of the comfortable and familiar,particularly when it comes to people and situations. Even sitting and talking to a stranger can be awkward (ESPECIALLY if you’re shy!) but anywhere’s a start! Even if it’s saying hello. Who knows?  Maybe you or the other person are having a bad day and you just created a positive moment out of negativity 🙂

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