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Positive examples

By no!! means does anyone, definitely me! control anyone’s life or actions, but EVERY ONE of us has the ability to lead by example. Not do as I say, but people learn by example; I am constantly learning by watching other people and thank you to those examples of awesome people, without them  (well…ahhh!). It is one thing to talk a good game, it is another to actually LIVE that way, thusly impacting lives of those you have contact with. Our impact on the world can be positive or negative; I go for positive now, but I have impacted the world very negatively in the past,so… I suppose my life now is a living ammends,primarily to those to whom I have no other means of doing such. It is never to late to make a positive impression on the world;young or old,sick or healthy…choosing positive or negative is up to the individual. And yes! Old dogs can learn new tricks. Try not to feel so set in your ways that you cannot possibly make a change. If it wasn’t for individuals in my life leading by example, I would be stuck in a rut of negativity. It helps to be open and receptive to the positive aspects this world offers. There are examples of joy and wonderful people everywhere 🙂

Mental: When you can’t do it alone (which is alot!) let other people show you how to do IT. None of us are born with an innate ability to know or do anything. Think about; someone had to teach you how to eat, how to walk. Any knowledge you know or task you perform has been taught to or researched by you. Even individuals who have had brilliant ideas received some input somewhere along the way. My journey (all of it, physically, internally) has been GREATLY influenced by things and people outside of me. We learn by example and then apply said examples to our lives; this is how we progress.

Physical : Don’t stop. About a third of the way through an exercise this morning, I thought “This is hard and I really don’t feel like doing it!” But then I realized the slippery slope down which it could go: if I threw in the towel, my movement would be affected, I’d lose therapeutic benefits AND! I would set myself up to do less in the future. So, I distracted myself and did my best to not obsess over the feeling. Sometimes you have to just go on auto-pilot and do things,even though you really don’t want to.

Social:  Try finding an activity you like doing that is positive;not necessarily comfortable or what you’re familiar with. Sometimes “different” things can be exciting and make you happy, but you will never know if you don’t try them!

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  1. This old dog does learn new tricks everyday by watching and talking to wonderful people like you Arlyn . You are a credit to the human race , in a sometimes cruel and unforgiving world . I feel very grateful to call you a friend . TY J

  2. Great ideas in this article. Hope you continue to focus on the positive.

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