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Thoughts on hair

I am getting my hair chopped soon. You may think,so??? But I have had long blonde hair all of my adult life. It is a big part of me, it has defined me. When people describe me it is always… “The girl with the long blonde hair”. For years when I had anorexia, it was the “very skinny girl”. It was a blow to my ego when people stopped that. I guess I will no longer be the super skinny girl with long blonde hair, and that is ok. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut of letting an attribute define us as a person, and we get so stuck on that, that we fear change. Some things i.e. bone structure,etc. are unchangeable (I guess there’s plastic surgery? hehe) We can let these things define us and mask “the person”. What are you really, as a human without your facade? Do you stand out because you’re YOU or because of your physicality, gadgets, clothes,etc?

Mental: Give love,because the world has shown it to you. Maybe you’ve been abused and mistreated your whole life. But I am willing to bet, somewhere you have seen kindness. If it is someone taking a minute to have a happy conversation with you, a cashier being kind to you, a stranger smiling at you. The world isn’t all bad.Sometimes it feels overwhelming and that it is just that. But there is kindness in unexpected places… you just have to be open to it!

Physical: Like I said try not to let your physical self define you. It can be scary to let go of certain things that you think make you…well you! Seriously question your value without tattoos, piercings,clothes, houses, cars, technology, money. It is something to ponder.

Social: Even if your situation is mainly negative, do your damndest to do something uplifting, even if brief. No one expects life to be “fantastic” for some people all of a sudden. Just try something positive and hold onto that memory.Little by little, you might view life in a different light.



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  1. You continue to amaze <3

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