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Just so we’re clear, I am not a professional anything 🙂 I am just an average girl (geez I’m not a girl, I’m almost 34 haha) trying to make it in the world. And the things I say are rehashed from other people and situations that have influenced me and if there is a butterfly effect, well it is amazing how many people someone can effect!  I hope we get lots of people at the meeting tonight 🙂 I am proud of my team! Everyone kicks booty!

Mind:It helps me to be grateful for what I HAVE, not what I don’t. I have no money… but I have a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in and clothes, which many people do not have. I cannot move fast, but I can MOVE. If you’re ever in a “poor-me” mode, sometimes it helps to think how blessed you are to have what you do and to think of people who are physically or mentally very bad off.

Physical: My back has been KILLING me for awhile and today is very bad. Try to fight through the pain…but if it’s serious, ask for help! I had to make an appointment for help, even though I was stubborn at first. If things get to bad physically, there is nothing wrong with seeking help and guidance. If I did not have people guiding me along the way, I would not be where I am now. Let people help you!

Social: Always take pleasure in little things. There is a time and place for the hectic, fast paced life that society insists on. But sometimes you just have to CHILL. I was sitting outside of somewhere, looking at a tree on Wednesday and it dawned on me, if i live to be 85, this is one of only 52 September 3rds I have to experience. I looked past the first 33. Don’t let that happen, no matter WHAT your age. Realize that you have THIS time,THIS event, THIS moment!

be in love with life

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  1. Don’t stop! Please, Arlyn, don’t ever stop! Peace, etc., Bruce

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