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When Love and Hope Perform Modern Miracles

A realization has hit me, especially recently. A belief that I hold true but know with my all. We have come to hand our own souls and livelihood to others. There are concepts that have disappeared from our societal belief system: miracles, the healing power of love: hope. These things are all a pipe dream if they’re not internalized: they are are my core beliefs.

When I was in my coma, I was unknowingly showered with love, prayer, and hope. I feel it is necessary to tell of things during that time. Things of which I was not fully cognizant. Although I was seemingly not in this world: people were by my side. Literally. The stuffed animals and cards and prayer and visits and words spoken to me helped perform a modern miracle. Not just for me and my family. People Ive never known loved me and my family through that time. The head of my former rehab facility had recently bought a new house for he and his new wife. They hadn’t even moved in. He insisted my family stay there: so some minute burden was relieved from an atrocious situation. I had stabbed him and the world in the back. They, because of love, were able to overlook this. They were able to see I was sick. That I didn’t know what I was doing.
There is no concrete answer as to why I am alive. But I believe some things are deeper than the obviously concrete.
Therefore ,I believe in humanity . Why I don’t give up on it. Why I give my all to people. Because the world did that for me. Despite it’s obvious flaws, it instilled hope within me

Love performed a miracle. A complete miracle.
I don’t think that people are aware of what taking a moment to pray can do. Taking 5 minutes to talk to a friend: in a coma. Sitting next to someone. Holding their hand. Somehow, I knew. I knew.
Don’t ever give up on people. They can completely surprise you. Sometimes you need to separate from them, on the surface: for yourself. But never give up on them, in your heart. Love with your all. It can result in an absolute miracle.

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