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HOPE For All Differences

Insinuating anyone should literally die because of their disability is beyond the pale. That is simply disgusting. I actually t said that to MYSELF.

Much of the world assumes that having a physical or mental disability or difference means one is inept. And NO one should need to prove their worth , but apparently some people do. And i don’t believe that is necessary.

And I’m not sure how the world is this way.

People are “too”:xyz…. not be seen as viable humans. We all are. Everyone.

Disabled literally means broken. And broken people are not good humans. Because much of society believes them worthless. Different equals being ostracized: someone is “different “.

Such individuals should be penalized if they dare to have a life like other people. Ethically. Morally. Financially. As members of the human race. Unlike those any sort of physical or mental difference : we shouldn’t be allowed..

But I have hope!

Hope has rung throughout history and will for eternity!

I am elated as the clock inches towards quitting time. The man I love for his kind soul walks through the door after work and gives me a huge smile.

And we both have disabilities.But we also have each other. We all do. Everyone on the planet has one another.

We hold each and whisper the word INFINITY to each other. Because it is unspoken that it means :I love you without end.

So to the world: “INFINITY”

And there is one word that has more power than any other word in the lexicon.

If one chooses to believe.

That word is: HOPE

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