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Never lose hope ! ❤️ for LIFE!

Give me watcha got, day; I can take it! I had to pump myself up this morning and tell myself “It’s going to be a GREAT day. Good things are coming!” Mornings can be tough, but telling yourself they’re not makes them better; lamenting and fighting causes inevitable strife. Tell yourself, “I WILL be awesome today!”… time to bring it on, life!

Mental: “Que cera, cera” ; What will be, will be. Life is not always what you want; adjust accordingly. You had better believe things are not always grand, but a positive spin will make life better. Rather than focus on the negative, think positive; for me right now for example: I am extremely tired, but I woke up! Or maybe “I feel HORRIBLE, but I am alive!”

Physical: Even if you have limitations,everything from an achy joint to a wheelchair; tell yourself you will persevere, even if your body does not cooperate with you. I have difficulty walking some morning, there was a time I couldn’t move; but hell my brain works (just ask Stephen Hawking if this matters!)

Social : Gather around the wounded; be there for others EVEN if others have not been there for you. Give of yourself always; a passage from the prayer of St.Francis: To be consoled as to console;To be understood as to understand;To be loved as to love. Seek as such, this is state of being to strive for.

Note: This was written at 5 am, but I had much more important matters at hand this morning. Priorities 🙂

Prayer of St. Francis sung by Sarah McLachlan

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