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In hearing something last night, something was impressed upon me that I KNOW, but sometimes forget. That is that I am in a constant state of change; me (even a day from now) is different than before. I have different thoughts, have experienced more and been exposed to more than previously. I used to pigeonhole myself, think that “this is how it is and always will be!”. Some of the things I do today… if you had told me five years ago, I would be irate at the audacity of the suggestions. Whether you’re 15 or 90, the fact is you are not who you were yesterday. If you have changed for the worse, tap into the you that you KNOW you have in you; if you question your ability, do the next right thing and soon it will come naturally; if you have changed for the better, keep going (you can ALWAYS improve 🙂

Mental: Your mentality plays an important role in your quality of life ; believe in yourself even when it’s hard. For me,when I am down, it  helps to think of others who have persevered through difficult situations; it reminds me that it can be done. If everyone consistently gave up…well there would be no motivation in the world. I am constantly seeing everyday citizens (younger,older, all ethnicities, genders, orientation, etc.) better their lives and the world around them; it is very inspiring!

Physical: Having strength, big muscles,and a great physique may make for a big ego, but may NOT equate to quality physically. If you look good and have size AND stability, that is great! But if you lack stability and control of the corpus, such other traits may serve no real purpose in daily life. If balance and stability are lacking, physical compensations will occur as well as muscular imbalances. I have stated before, it is of great importance to have proper core stabilization.What are the core muscles? Program for beginners:exercises or advanced:

Social: Realize who you are in this world, not on social media sites. There is a disconnect between you and the person/persons at opposite ends of the internet. As seen here! it does serve a great purpose,but should not be a substitute for  complete lack of social interaction. I have seen instances of people being completely different on and off a computer; it is awkward, to say the least. Try not to be so seduced by the internet that you cannot function and interact separately.- I need to elaborate! This does not pertain to people with serious mental or physical limitations!

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