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The Morning

I had myriad of situations this morning involving health; both mental and physical. As I have dealt with both (AM dealing) I shared my experience with said individuals. Often times, some people are not open and honest about their pains, this does a great disservice to many people! They feel alone, isolated, like they are fighting battles by themselves. Support groups in person and on the internet are a fantastic resource for things that ail you, or just general support. Just use your browser to type in what you’re looking for. If you do not have access to a computer, browse flyers at random places. You never know what you’re missing if you don’t look or listen!

Mental: There are TONS of groups;  whether you have depression, bipolar, PTSD,eating disorders, schizophrenia, self mutilation, substance abuse and AD INFINITUM! You are NOT alone; don’t ever feel like you’re weird and no one understands; TRUST me, someone does. You do not need to deal with things on your own; sometimes you may feel isolated and scared. If you need to (if live) go with someone you trust, if need be. If you  don’t have anyone, don’t let fear stop you from seeking support or help. This is your damn life!

Physical: Preventative measures are better than other efforts. With “sick” season upon us in the U.S. this is very important, especially if your older or have health problems (getting even a basic illness can seriously compromise your body) or are very active (this puts a serious damper on your lifestyle). Echinacea and vitamin C are good ways to boost your immune  system. If you have access to them, I like Airborne and Emergen-C (they don’t have any weird stuff in them + the effervescent tablets make water taste  good!. Vitamin C is water soluble; so while the percentages on some may be high, you are actually excreting a good amount and absorbing a small portion (check with your doctor or pharmacist as to what  is right for you).

Social: Again;let others support you (please!), don’t feel like you HAVE TO do everything alone. There is a unspoken (or spoken) sentiment in society that if you do not do things on your own, you are weak. Question : weren’t the things you know mentally and physically either taught to you by someone or learned by you from some source. I don’t know about you, but I am not such a genius that I just sporadically KNOW the things I do. Even masters of their fields were influenced along the way. If you need help, in whatever it is in your life, do not be embarassed to let others guide you.

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  1. Dear Arlyn: Absolutely your best column yet — for me! Thank you a pocket full of rainbows! You know, I think that one of the most effective things you do is to connect so many of your items to your own situations — usually current or in the past (well, angel to so many of us!) your past, however hard and tedious and painful recovery has been (and is, you say). Your actually writing your own successes, and admitting that it is not always (often?) easy but will probably get easier. Some of the ideas I have read or heard before, but they were abstract; not related; or VITAL to ME or people especially important to me. You bring them right into me home where I live! Thank you, and may I turn many people onto ARLYNSBLOG, and may I also help many whenever I can. Even if only for the perhaps “selfish” reason that I know helping others always helps me a WHOLE LOT! Thank you again, Arlyn. And times when you are down or wonder if it’s worth it, please go to your wonderful collection of blogs. Read some fan letters about how many people you ARE HELPING NOW and who can read these years from now. And read some of your own writings to help yourself, too! Peace, etc., Bruce

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