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Excuse me in advance if I use some choice words,but the stigma subject bothers me ALOT.Yesterday I talked about one kind of stigma,but it goes well beyond that. Society thinking that if you’re older you’re “feeble”, if you have substance abuse you’re morally weak and worthless, if you’re physically disabled you’re a pathetic pity case,if you’re overweight you’re lazy, etc. Lincoln suffered from depression, Stephen Hawking is older AND can barely physically function, Poe was alcoholic, and the list goes on. These people have greatly  contributed to our world despite limitations. Just because someone has an issue does NOT mean their hopeless.

Mental: Do not let opinions sway your  idea of yourself. As long as you are trying your best,screw what others think or say. A lot easier said than done. Just think of the fact that perhaps their minds are not open and they have pre-conceived notions. Unfortunately, not EVERYONE has been exposed to “things”. TRY to let it roll off.

Physical: Nike’s slogan is “Just Do It”. Good concept! Sometimes you just have to push yourself that extra bit. You’ll get results with action. This goes for every aspect of life. Sometimes things are hard work. But think of the results 🙂

Social: Back to mental. If  you are constantly in situations that make you question your worth, maybe that’s something to ponder. You cannot avoid the judgments of some people.Try to avoid negative situations, or  letting those situations effect your well-being.

An aside, everything I say or have said is also me telling  myself things. It is my advice to myself!

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