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Sasha and Scott

I created a new blog, so you all can follow me and there are less technical difficulties. Now it won’t let ME sign on! And there are many more features on here!

Sasha and baby Donald are doing great 🙂 Thank you to all of you who work in the medical field! Eternally grateful. People like you are INCREDIBLE!! She had a great doctor and amazing nurses! I am so incredibly proud of what an amazing woman she is and how loving her family is and how they have been so wonderful to me this past week. She is going to be a great mom. The love she has for this baby is a joy to see 🙂 

To all the mom’s out there: thank you. It is often a thankless job. You all  are amazing!

I also got the privilege to see one of my friend’s speak. Amazing! It’s amazing to me the odds people beat. Scott, you are incredible and inspiring!

Never,ever! give up on yourself or people. We all have to start somewhere. You all’s love has gotten me this far. Believe me, if you don’t think small tokens of kindness make a difference… well at least for THIS girl they have! 

For Scott, Sasha and everyone.  This what I think of you!


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