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Never lose hope ! ❤️ for LIFE!



This blog is a collection of my thoughts.

I have 4 NASM CPT certifications in corrective exercises, senior fitness, Parkinson’s, and general. Philosophy major ( Christopher Newport University)and Medical AÀ.

Addiction,eating disorders, mental and physical disabilities, amongst others are my passions.

Sober. Cerebellar stroke survivor. Suicide survivor. Recovered from anorexia, bulimia, and self mutilation. I also have Ataxia.

I focus on mental, physical and social aspects; I believe life is multi-faceted. Think of these objects as you do your body; if a muscle is missing you will either fall or another muscle will have to work extra hard to compensate. Either way, something is obviously lacking; balance is important in LIFE. And I have found a well balanced life serves me well 🙂

Currently a Master 1 powerlifter and attempting to compete in the Paralympics

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  1. “For it’s in giving that we receive, in pardoning that we are pardoned, and dying that we are born to eternal life!” -Prayer of St Francis of Assiss

  2. That is one of my favorites ever! I love St. Francis!

  3. He was a fantastic saint and I hope he is guiding the current leader of the Roman Catholic Church who took his namesake!

  4. Absolutely

  5. Hi Arlyn, just found your blog randomly and gave it a follow. Check out my blog if you like over at, and enjoy. Thanks, have a great day!

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