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To a Few of My Favorite People

                            There is a handful of individuals who trust me.  And they didn’t. And they don’t know how witnessing their own courage and seeing them find their own voice has allowed me to find my own. I don’t think they understand the magnitude of effect is has on me for them to trust me like they do.

              And I understand them because I am them. And I am beyond honored to walk this path with them. They don’t know that the things I say: may well be something I’ve learned from one of them. And ironically, they, (and many people) find my exuberance and interrupting obnoxious. I don’t think they are aware it is because I am keenly listening to them. That they are constantly granting me “Eureka” moments. And their experiences are constantly jarring my memory bank. That I am beyond excited that some painful experience that I’ve lived could possibly serve a purpose.

              That the much of the reason I am constantly saying that I wouldn’t change anything about my life: is because they would not be part of it.  I don’t they even have an inkling of how they have profoundly changed me. For the better. And I honestly could write about this for an extremely long time.

I will just simply say this. Telling them “I love you” is just a phrase. The love I feel for them is beyond that. They live in my heart and soul. Thank you for loving me. It means more than I think you know.

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