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How You Treat Someone

I was commiserating with someone yesterday evening about this quote. The fact that this quote finds appeal to both of us is not ironic in the slightest. That this was spoken by the person in question warms my heart like you wouldn’t believe. If you were aware of the path we’ve walked…it would make sense. I yearn for this belief in everyone. To hear it spoken without the knowledge that this Maya Angelou quotes was one of my favorites: was incredible. Truly amazing.

On a couch, with her cat perched next to her, sat a woman. With a grin as wide as a cartoon character. In that moment:she wanted to hug him. Tightly. And tell him how honored she is to be his friend and how blessed she is that they found each other. That sometimes darkness can lead to sunlight. He lives this. And I am blessed to be one his targets!

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