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Funny Old Skit I Wrote on Being Handicapable with My Other Handicapable Friend in 2018 About Situations We Constantly Face!😂

Scene: Confusing disabilities

Two characters enter scene.  One in a wheelchair

Narrator:  Here we have Billy and Bobby.  Bobby is noticeably in a wheel chair.  Bobby is new .    Trying to be helpful; Billy starts to open his mouth.


Bobby: (Thinking to himself-oh no another one)  My name is Bobby. You don’t have to yell.  I’m in a wheelchair. I’m not deaf.

Billy:  Yells)  REALLY?  ARE YOU SURE???? 

Bobby:  Yes.  (Bobby looks around)  Yep, still in a wheel chair. Still am able to hear

Billy:  Oh Im sorry.  Im new to this and I don’t know how to talk to people with disabilities.   

Bobby: Not to worry. I encounter that a lot.  But I am a person too.   I would be happy to share the story of my disability with you, but I really want to just be one of the group.

Narrator: And so Billy made a new friend  and has now some experience to share with others!

Scene:Coffee anyone?

Mary has a walker she has a hard time getting around . Arriving ,she sees folks getting coffee waiting near the line she’s hopeful someone will get her a cup.

Mary:  Hi am Mary. I’m new here; could you help me with a cuppa coffee?

Bill: Sure I’ll help you.  

Mary: Thank you

Bill goes to get coffee ,but Marty comes talk to him. Distracted, he instead talks to Marty and goes to get his own coffee; forgetting about Mary. 

Mary: Really?

Sarah: Hi am Sarah! Can I help you? 

Mary:  Yes! That would be great! Hi, I’m Mary! I would love some coffee! I’m going to go sit over here if you don’t mind bringing it to me.

Sarah: Sure I’ll bring it right over!

Beverly calls for Sarah

Beverly: Sarah we need some more things!Can you get some from the cellar?

Sarah: Be right there.

She puts the Styrofoam cup down that she was preparing for Mary and goes to the basement instead.

Mary realizes no one is getting her coffee. “Oh dear! “, she thinks.

Mary: What does a girl have to do to get some coffee around here?

Jake sits down next to her.  

Mary: Would you mind getting me  a cuppa coffee?

Jake: Sure! 

He gets up to get coffee. 

Someone then calls for Jake. 

Jake: I’ll be there in a minute. I’m getting some coffee for our guest 

Jake is back with the coffee. Bill and Sarah show up with coffee for Mary. They  say,”Sorry about the delay! We got distracted but here you are!    Now Mary has 3 cups of coffee and no place to put them. Everyone laughs.

Scene: Thinking you know what a handicapable person can do:

Chair : “Does anyone want to read tonight? Would you like to read? (To person who is handicapable)

Random person: (meaning well, nicely) “That’s ok if you can’t sweetheart!”

(Disabled person laughs) “Um, it’s ok I can read!”

Person: “Are you sure?”

Handicapable person: “Pretty sure”

 Non-handicapable person with reading: “I can’t read, I forgot my glasses!”

Narrator: Moral of this story; you can never truly tell what someone can or can’t do.

(Person with a cane : getting coffee)

Random person: “Let me get that for you so it doesn’t spill!”

Person with cane (pulling lid for their special cup out), “You should always be prepared J “

Narrator: People with disabilities have usually developed ways to deal with everyday situations!

Scene: Handicapable person being grumpy / feeling sorry for themselves

-Deaf individual:alone in back row, someone motions for them to come sit by them. They scowl and shake their head. The person smiles again and pats the chair. The deaf person EMPHATICALLY shakes their head NO while frowning and crossing their arms.

-A blind individual is quickly leaving.

 Perspn:: “Suzy! Why don’t you come out to eat with us?”

 Suzy (grumpily): “I don’t want to, I can’t read the menu!”

Person: “Someone will read it to you”

Suzy: “No, I’d rather go home.” Storms off.

-Narrator:” Just because you’re handicapable, it doesn’t give you the right to be a jerk. Sometimes people don’t understand disabilities, but you’re still just as much a member of the group as anyone.”

Closing- Narrator: “Whether you speak ASL or read braille, if you’re mildly or seriously physically handicapable:if you walk on two legs or wheel yourself around: it matters not.. We speak the language of the heart and EVERYONE! REGARDLESS of their disability is welcome in factions of society with open arms. Despite any problems you might have we are ALL here to help each other.”

  1. (Blind man walks into a wall) Narrator chuckles and gently guides him to back.”Come here,Bob! “(smiling)

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