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Cerebral Palsy Myths

Common Misconceptions Concerning Childhood Cerebral Palsy Diagnoses

The following are common myths surrounding  childhood CP diagnoses:

  1. Children with Cerebral Palsy cannot be dealt with by either parents or close family members.

-This an enormous lie! Simply read the following regarding my family’s experience as family members of a child diagnosed with CP. Also: speak with them personally. They will submit an extremely different story

              2. Children with Cerebral Palsy have incapacitated audio function.

                             -I did not experience hearing loss.

  • Cerebral Palsy is contagious.

-This, is my opinion, might possibly be the most hysterical myth regarding CP. How can the inccurment of  oxygen loss to the brain, stemming from a physical souce during birth (or shortly after) even be remotely contagious?

  • Children with Cerebral Palsy are unable to speak..

-I have difficulty speaking, yet am absolutely able. I am sometimes difficult to understand by those who are not familiar with my speech patterns, but I find no difficulty communicating and speaking. My ability to communicate verbally is congruent with anyone else with speech difficulties.

  • Children diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy will spend their life in a wheelchair.

-I believe this article and countless other stories of hope regarding CP dispel this myth.

  • There is no hope following a CP diagnosis.

-Read the facts stated on this link and you will find reason to erase this pre-conceived notion.

16 Cerebral Palsy Myths With Cerebral Palsy Facts – You Need to Know | (

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