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The Complexities of Happiness

Fact: I am not always happy! I am a human being! I do remain optimistic, but have extenuating reasons for sadness, but many people do; I am not alone with that. One need not feel as though if they are not 100% all of the time, that this is not acceptable.Society would have us believe one must be a ragingly ecstatic extrovert to fit in, but this is not so. Introversion and sadness have a place, too. Not wallowing in self-pity, but being sad is perfectly acceptable. There are scores of people to whom this emotion simply happens; it is beyond their control. Although it cannot be controlled, attitude is a choice. One’s outlook on life can wholly determine whether these feelings consume the individual or not. Remember FEELINGS aren’t FACTS. I often find myself in certain states for no rhyme or reason, other than I simply AM. It helps me, at least, to remain grateful and cling to and think of the positive things I have in life; I am alive. I do not have everything I desire, but I truly have more than I need; clothes, somewhere to live, running water, electricity, I am writing on a COMPUTER. People often take these things for granted; many do not have them.

                If you are not your best, you are still ok. Life isn’t perfect; people are not perfect. It is alright to not be “on” all the time and have bad days; please try not to let them consume you. This too shall pass; bad times don’t last; a bad attitude and outlook will make it all the worse.

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