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The Myth of Superheroes

We have a skewed belief. That a superhero is some huge persona that saves people through some astonishing physical act . It is not always that, however. Superman was also a journalist, named Clark Kent, who worked at the Daily Planet.

There is a concept I hold dear, at this point. This is it. Pardon my language:

Occasionally, people shock the ever-living shit out of you. They way you see them face life is legendary.

We assume that in order to inspire, we must do something grandiose. That to be called a superhero you must perform some gigantic feat. Sometimes it’s found in someone’s courage. To walk through this world. It is often found in holding doors, kindness,and inspiring words . In someone taking a leap of faith at rejection: with jobs and relationships and with family members and changing living situations. It is not only in raising a walker. It is is in standing for beliefs , no matter what. In breaking physical barriers and beliefs. And mental. It’s in staying the course. When they’re told it’s impossible. For believing, it’s In encouraging others to believe in themselves. That they “can”. It is in showing others how incredible life can be if you find that courage within yourself.

Superheroes inspire others to be the best version of themselves.

I realize that I have never been in this alone. These other heroes were somewhere. Maybe they aren’t and never were , loud like me. But they have always existed. Before I knew them. They were there. And maybe they’re not aware that I see them. And not merely on the internet. In reality. In life.

You would assume that this is something I know by now. It inspires the hell out of my own situation. Knowing I’m not alone. Knowing that there is an entire swath of humanity like me. So for now, I go forth. I have another reason to rise: to keep going. Often, we’re unaware of what we do for others: that they see us. They see our lives. It is true that we must live for ourselves, but on occasion : the way we live means more to others than we even realize.

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