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The Inspiration for an Inspirer

I am hardly a fan of people parading their significant other all over the internet. On occasion, this is well warranted. I have many friends who have love stories rarely heard of. That is my story. It is no secret that Steve is an inspiration for many people. This sense of amazement is what drew me in. What began as a collaboration of two random souls attempting to overcome personal odds has become something unheard of. For me, at least.

You all know him as inspiring your lives. I am blessed to sit next to him in ratty clothes on an old couch while watching sitcoms with ridiculous laugh tracks. To receive a good morning text at exactly six am every day to ask me if I was able to sleep. To ask me about my neurological problems. To be my, private cheerleader. I would be remiss to exclude his family, who love and support I am honored to have. They, like mine, apparently did something right!I believe people realize this is not some grandiose attempt to parade my relationship: rather it is an ode to an individual who inspires someone who is thought inspirational, herself.

Article on Steve inspiring and helping others with cerebral palsy:

Steve amongst trophies and awards that are a mere testament to the inspiration he is.
Some of the family

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