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Surprisingly grateful for my problems: all the pain and struggle has led me to this moment

One would think my many problems would lay the foundation for full disillusion of anything positive. Surprisingly: the complete opposite is true. I am beyond grateful for every one of my problems: every second of my lite, It has all led to this present moment. A life beyond anything i could imagine. I have absolutely no clue what my life would be like had i chosen another path. Not to be morose, My death would basically be guaranteed. If by some miracle i remained alive: i would still be dead: if only on the inside.

So, yes: I am surprisingly grateful for everything. All the pain has led to this moment. This wonderful moment. My life is beyond amazing. My friends are more phenomenal than I could imagine. I have love in my life. Platonic and romantic and otherwise.My life is definitely not perfect . Amazing is rarely perfect!

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