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Be an example

To be honest is to lead by example; not as I say, but as I DO. I am being hypocritical to encourage others to face fear with bravery if I do not act accordingly!

6 responses to “Be an example”

  1. It is hard to know who is being honest and truthful these days. 🙁
    The term “Honest Abe” is gone with the ……. fill in the blank.

    Although when we look back on the past years ….. years from now ….. I suspect there will be many who are remembered for their bravery to speak out.

    I won’t be around to read about it.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree! It takes bravery to speak out and face fear; whatever the situation!

  3. To not be diminished by difficult circumstances

  4. Bravery entails facing fears and acting despite them

  5. I read your profile. All of us face some kind of fear or difficult circumstance. Perhaps the first step is to identify it as such. Accept it and then start to work on it. A problem may never be completely be resolved. It is the work that is important.

  6. Agree! Problems are endlessly workable!
    I don’t think they’re ever 100% as long as you’re alive; improvement is possible!!

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