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I wish there was a secret to happiness; I don’t think there is one definite answer. I DO know, however, that the happiest people are unabashedly grateful for their blessings and see the silver linings in their life. For instance, my father passed away when I was 21. I can choose to dwell on the misery of that event, or I can be grateful I had a father for 21 years; many people do not have that blessing. Happiness is also a choice. There is absolutely a lot of heartache in the world (I have dealt with A LOT!), but at some point, one has to realize equal efforts are exerted miserable or being happy and grateful. Life is less than perfect, but if one seeks, so shall ye find. The world is filled with positivity; it’s there in spades if you look.

News channels and social media are writhe with hate and stories of misery and heartache. This is a site I frequent; it reports on humanity at its finest Whether volunteering, working hard, or simply being of service to others; the world is better for it. Simple acts like smiling at a stranger, holding the door, letting someone go by in traffic, etc. are simple acts that can have a definite impact. NEVER think that one person can’t make a difference; that is profoundly false. History is filled with people who have influenced lives; these people were not born amazing, but their influence is felt even now. I will never discuss poltics or religion, as they are controversial to say the least.

Like I alluded to,;I have a spotty, sordid, miserable past; I currently deal with issues. Often, there are myriad of reasons that one would disappear into the ether, but there is life to live, yet. The juxtaposition, I have found, is more often than not, when we don’t fight the inevitable and accept our flaws for what they are, we are usually filled with more peace than not. If someone has problems, they are not unlovable; no one is perfect. I know people with all sorts of mental and/ or physical disabilities and/or awful pasts (me being one of all of those) who are wonderful, amazing, and productive members of society. They have chosen happiness, despite; choose well!

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An English diarist and naval administrator. I served as administrator of the Royal Navy and Member of Parliament. I had no maritime experience, but I rose to be the Chief Secretary to the Admiralty under both King Charles II and King James II through patronage, diligence, and my talent for administration.


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